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Наукові видання Східноєвропейського національного університету ім. Лесі Українки >
Фізичне виховання, спорт і культура здоров’я у сучасному суспільстві >
2017 >
Фізичне виховання, спорт і культура здоров’я у сучасному суспільстві, 2017, № 1 (37) >

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Название: Methods for assessing quality of life: international experience
Другие названия: Підходи до оцінки якості життя людини: міжнародний досвід.
Авторы: Shynkaruk, Oksana
Denisova, Lolita
Шинкарук, Оксана
Денисова, Лолита
Ключевые слова: quality of life
approaches the international system of evaluation
physical activity
Issue Date: 2017
Издатель: Східноєвропейський національний університет ім.Лесі Українки
Библиографическое описание: Шинкарук, О., Денисова, Л. Methods for Assessing Quality of Life: International Experience = Підходи до оцінки якості життя людини: міжнародний досвід / О. Шинкарук, Л. Денисова // Фізичне виховання, спорт і культура здоров’я у сучасному суспільстві : зб. наук. пр. / М-во освіти і науки, молоді та спорту України, Східноєвроп. нац. ун-т ім. Лесі Українки ; [редкол.: А. В. Цьось та ін.]. - Луцьк, 2017. - № 1 (37). - С. 36-42 https://doi.org/10.29038/2220-7481-2017-01-36-42
Краткий осмотр (реферат): In this paper the quality of life as a multifaceted phenomenon has been studied. The problem of assessment of the quality of life has been investigated. Assessment of quality of life is an important tool for socio–economic policy of any state. Quality of life is defined as the degree of satisfaction of material, cultural and spiritual human needs. Component definitions emphasize the multidimensional nature of this concept and highlight different dimensions of quality of life (objective and subjective). Movement and physical activity is a crucial, fundamental factor in the formation, preservation and strengthening of health and human development. The purpose is to analyze existing approaches to the assessment of the quality of human life and to summarize international experience. To assess the quality of life of the population use two approaches, the aim and purpose of which are different. Characterized the international system for the assessment of quality of life. There are several systems of assessment of quality of life: General methodological concept of standards and quality of life (Standard of Living and Quality of Life), the methodology of the Economist Intelligence Unit (the division of The Economist Group), the new European development strategy for the next 10 years – «Europe 2020: Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth», the methodology of International Living (Ireland), the methodology of the EU, the methodology of the OECD (Organization for economic cooperation and development) in an innovative platform of the Better Life Initiative. These methodologies towards «health» are considering physical activity as the main indicator of the quality of human life. Strategic management challenges for Ukraine are to improve the quality of life of people in conjunction with the creation of conditions for realization of innovation model of economic growth, achievement and transformation of the high standards of quality of life in a powerful factor of global competitiveness.
URI: http://esnuir.eenu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/15364
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